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Autumn is the best season of the year and also the shortest, unless we submit to calendar tyranny and say that “late fall” includes the leafless gray weeks before the winter solstice.
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I have a daylight photo that looks much like a shot of the full moon thru colored leaves, so I can illustrate Chèvrefeuille’s beautiful evocation of true autumn while responding to

Carpe Diem Haiku Experiment #1 an introduction

with a short haiku (in 3-5-3 form) about how short the season is.

© Chèvrefeuille
|light of the full moon
|shines through colored leaves
|at last … autumn

Ending Too Soon
|Wind speeds up!
|Leaves fall in panic!
|Clouds roll in …

10 thoughts on “Chiaroscuro

  1. Thank you for once again enlightening my mind (by increasing my vocabulary) and sharing your skill in creative writing and poetry. The picture creates a sense of walking through a densely populated forest as one’s face approximates unseen leaves. I would have guessed the picture was taken as the sun was setting based on the shadows and the overwhelming darkness.
    It is a beautiful time of year for those willing to step back from life and appreciate the beauty surrounding them. A simple and joyful task that many forgo unfortunately.
    The poem creates a sense of urgency and haste. It reflects well on the speed many live their lives by. It shows the beauty and the power of nature while reinforcing dynamic change. I enjoyed it very much.

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    1. So glad U liked this.  I was torn between responding to CDHK and spending more time outside when the foliage peaks where I live; I decided to rush the post and then get out briefly later in the day.  Sharing the joy of the serendipitous match between CDHK and my photo makes the rush worthwhile.

      The actual circumstances of the photo were interesting and unlikely to be repeated.

      The sun was above and behind my right shoulder, but the light was dappled by unseen leaves (between me and the sun) before reaching the leaves I photographed.  I was hoping for some chiaroscuro and got more than expected by sheer dumb luck.  Most of the photographed leaves were in shade.  Thanks to some unusually reflective green leaves behind the colored ones that were in bright sun, those colored leaves seem to be transmitting light from behind them when they are actually reflecting light from in front of them (and behind me).  More dumb luck: the image as rendered by the browser enhances the illusion because it is more contrasty than the original.

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  2. OOPS — I missed a stipulation when I read the CDHK post, so I neglected to
    write an all new haiku yourself to let your visitors do the same, writing a response on your haiku.
    10K apologies.


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