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Warned by a Shadow

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From some viewpoints, a shadow has a bright side.  An example is my response to

Carpe Diem Haiku Family — A New “Shadow” Challenge


Image downloaded and cropped from © Ryanfaas |

Lost Lunch?
Sunlight breaks thru clouds
and sends hawk’s shadow downward.
Prey darts for cover.

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Autumn is the best season of the year and also the shortest, unless we submit to calendar tyranny and say that “late fall” includes the leafless gray weeks before the winter solstice. My response to Chèvrefeuille’s beautiful evocation of true autumn is a short haiku (in 3-5-3 form) about how short the season is.

I have a daylight photo that looks somewhat like a shot of the full moon thru colored leaves, so I can illustrate Chèvrefeuille’s haiku for this CDHK challenge.

© Chèvrefeuille

light of the full moon
shines through colored leaves
at last … autumn

Ending Too Soon

Wind speeds up!
Leaves fall in panic!
Clouds roll in …