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Calliope and Geology

The juxtaposition in my title is weird, but Calliope is unfazed.  After all, she is the ancient Greek muse of eloquence, epic poetry, and circus music.
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As American politics in 2016 illustrates, Calliope’s portfolio is not as weird as I would wish.  Neither is my title.

Stale Bread Can Wait
|My muse is stingy (when implored)
|or really bitchy (when ignored).
|When I want to sing of croutons
|(but her fancy turns to plutons),
|I have just one way to go:
|with the mighty magma flow.

As I discovered long ago when I tried to read an English translation of Goethe’s Faust, poetry in couplets tends to sound silly even when it is dead serious.  Now that I have had my little respite from blank verse in haiku form, maybe I should go back to solemn austerity.  Maybe.

What the World Needs
|More silliness from
|those who know they are silly;
|less from the others.

12 thoughts on “Calliope and Geology

  1. Don’t be in any hurry. Because, yea, we need all the silliness we can get right now.

    Leave it to Mel to go (in a mere 6 lines…and fairly coherent!) from salad adornments to crystallized intrusive igneous rock!

    Confession: I had to “Google” plutons. I was sitting next to Cheryl Coons during my Geology class and all semester my mind was on her thighs instead of the lessons.

    *** bows deeply with respect for even attempting to read Goethe, in any language ***

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    1. There were not many distractions in my classes, but a classroom bldg with floor-2-ceiling windows was across a narrow walkway from my dorm room’s window. The view across and a little upward could be interesting.


  2. I liked your lighthearted poem. I remember having to study poetry written in couplets at high school. I couldn’t help feeling the most appropriate use for it seemed to be mock-epics of poets like Pope. I think you’re right. As a poetic form, it can sound overblown and funny.

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