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Beyond Towels

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In response to [Carpe Diem #1028 sadness], my take on sadness is grimmer than that of Khalil Gibran.  But not hopeless.  Many things that work best when dry can still work when damp.


|It is a liquid.
|It wets the soul and somehow
|never fully dries.


8 thoughts on “Beyond Towels

      1. Poetry is immensely helpful … and also immensely painful. As Jane Reichhold shared with me … it’s a double-edged sword. But there’s a huge sense of fulfillment in writing tanka so I persevere 😉

        You have my utmost respect … being a caregiver is such a difficult position at times. Namaste

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  1. yes, not hopeless…you capture splendidly the awareness arising from acknowledging that sadness is part of living in this world, so one is able to let go of trying to live a sad-free life and instead embrace it as all things of life are embraced.

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