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Lingering Leaves

Cherry hibernates,
safe under pine’s watchful eye.
A few leaves linger.


IMG_7012_crop_840x1183 IMG_7024_crop_840x1275





The cherry had one last leaf on 11-26.
Did it sing Nunc dimittis before it fell on 11-30?

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5 thoughts on “Lingering Leaves

    1. U lost me.  Maybe [tentorium] is used metaphorically, to denote the barrier layer at the base of a turning leaf’s stem?

      Google did not find a Latin hymn that starts with Tu me tentorium, and the phrase seems to imply that the identity of “tu” matters more than in my broad (and nonreligious) take on Nunc dimittis.


      1. Hahaha! Not a Latin hymn, but keeping with the Latin theme, Google’s translation of, “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” by the Supremes. You know, “Set me free, why don’t cha babe?” (Although, Google doesn’t know what to do with “hangin’ ” so I had to use “hanging”.) Just a lame joke.

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