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“Fall, shmall.  Gonna set seed.”

Yes, I know that garden gurus recommend doing many things in fall.  I also know that some plants routinely set seed then.  But most of my lawn only kicks grass into flower beds in spring and summer.  Intrigued by a patch that seemed to be proclaiming this post’s title, I took a break from raking fall leaves to photograph the nonconforming grass from angles that yielded contrasting backgrounds.  Growing more vigorously than most of my lawn, this little patch may be onto something.


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8 thoughts on ““Fall, shmall.  Gonna set seed.”

  1. Hi Mellow!
    What camera and lens are you using?
    I love taking photos like this as well and actually invested in a macro lens. Water drops are a favorite for me … but whatever nature my yard throws my way gets photographed as well 😂 Five acres has a whole other world in the miniature…

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