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Glory in Gold and Silver

|Bright sun and cool air;
|azure skies and pumpkin pies.
|Leaves fall in glory.

Gold Cherry_rot-6.8_840x460

Silver Savior
|The crowning glory
|of our civilization
|is, of course, duct tape.


Glory ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #334

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6 thoughts on “Glory in Gold and Silver

  1. Brilliant! The transition from one of nature’s momentary yet majestic glories to a human creation presented in an image reminiscent of a Medieval artist’s representation of a halo made me laugh out loud.

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  2. 🙂 In the beginning (of the internet) there was a great site called “Addicted to Stuff”, a grand compendium of the stuff we love. The more esoteric, odd or mundanely essential the stuff, the more perfectly and lovably addictive it was considered to be.

    It’s manifesto was devastatingly concise.

    In life we need just two things:
    WD-40 to make things go;
    And duct tape to make them stop.

    During a 6,000 kilometer bicycle trek across China, I added a third need….

    Zip ties to make things stay.

    btw: love the rhythms and rhymes in “October”. That poem has been well lubed with WD-40, because it really moves. ❤

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    1. Thanks.  The “Addicted to Stuff” website was new to me.  Yes, WD-40 and duct tape and zip ties form a tripod that supports civilization.

      Glad U like the flow in October.  Contrary to glum predictions by foliage pundits, the eponymous month in 2022 was yet again the best of the year in the Hudson Valley.

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