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Never Give Up — Continued

Consciously, I had nothing to add when I posted a photo recently.  But the pot always simmers.  I brooded on the word “victory” in a comment by Sue Ranscht.  I recalled the epic journey across northern Norway in World War 2 by Jan Baalsrud, the sole survivor of a commando force betrayed by a Nazi collaborator.  I seized another day of magical light and found there was more to show and to say.


A few days later …

A few days later_crop_840x650

… reinforcements!


The simmering pot boiled over with the thought that fascism is resurgent, in so many ways in so many places.  Overt fascist aggression branded as “denazification” is resisted by Ukraine’s two armies: the regular army and a pickup army of courageous civilians.  Among many excellent charities aiding Ukrainians, Spirit of America is unique in that helps them fight the bastards by providing body armor, helmets, first aid kits, and more.

I know not whether Putin will eventually prevail with his firepower, numbers, and ruthlessness.  I know not whether the conflict will escalate to yet another world war.  I just know one thing about the Ukrainian patriots.

They.  Will.  Never.  Give.  Up.

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