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I Cried Today

Tho I do not tear up easily, I have teared up and even cried a little at many moments in this dismal year.  Today I sobbed and moaned and gushed tears.  Like I did nearly six years ago, when my wife died.  This time it was not personal grief.
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As soon as I could see clearly again, I started this post.  Tho I am a compulsive polisher and normally let things marinate for many hours before I revisit and revise, I pressed the [Publish] button after less than an hour.  I had to get back to the battle, to doing what little I can to help organizations like VoteVets fight for constitutional democracy against the corrupt fascist in the White House and his enablers.

6 thoughts on “I Cried Today

    1. The only redeeming feature of DJT’s presidency is that it has obviated an old conundrum: was GWB or Andrew Johnson (Lincoln’s 2-nd VP and successor, not the other Andrew or the other Johnson) the worst president ever?  DJT is even worse than either of them.

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    1. Glad U like that VoteVets ad.  They have produced other good (tho not tearful) ads against DJT and his enablers.  The one that rips Maine senator Susan Collins is wicked good, as we Old Yankees say.

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