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Red-y or Not …

Some short color words are spread thin in common usage.  Words like “red” are pinned on many things that are slightly reddish.  If plant breeders ever develop a cabbage that is actually red, they will find that the name “red cabbage” has been usurped.  Chaos in the produce aisle!  Hope spinach stays green.

Red ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #187


Salad Paradox
|Red peppers are red.
|Red cabbage is purple but
|is said to be red.
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5 thoughts on “Red-y or Not …

  1. Thoughtful musings on colours, made me pause to look with more care. There’s that thing on social media a year or so ago, about dress that some saw as blue and others as green (It was a bluey green !) Think that’s to do with different perceptions of colour ?

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    1. Yes, blue green colors are even more ambiguous than others.  I was thinking more about the tendency to apply simple conventional labels that clearly do not fit.  Calling obviously purple cabbage “red” is no big deal.  Calling light-skinned people “white” and dark-skinned people “black” may be a small factor in the persistence of racism.


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