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Early Spring Snow Shower

Unaware of what lies below them, snowflakes fall thru air that is barely above freezing.  Aware of what lies ahead of me, I rejoice in a partial workaround for growing old.
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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Feelings of Spring


Ground Already Warm
|Falling thru cold air,
|oblivious snow flakes will
|melt on the blacktop.

[2019-03-22]  Bummer.  I want to photograph the inspiration for my haiku, but my old hands cannot go more than a few seconds w/o thick gloves in cold weather.

Hmmm.  Tho unheated, my garage gets some warmth leaking from the furnace.  I put on a pair of thin gloves that can be worn while doing some things that previously required bare hands.  I open the garage door and look outside while standing just inside the garage.  Maybe I can work enough of the camera’s buttons while wearing the thin gloves.

The lens zooms too quickly for fine control.  I cannot move forward or backward to compensate for zooming too far out or in.  Oh well, I can crop the image later to compensate for zooming too far out.  Is there a serviceable view in some direction from where I can stand w/o getting too cold?  Hmmm.  I try five views and go with the last one.

While it does illustrate my haiku, my photo is admittedly not of standalone quality.  I can live with that.  Any partial workaround for growing old is a small triumph to savor.

4 thoughts on “Early Spring Snow Shower

  1. I think growing older has mostly theoretical advantages. If my inner thermostat had any outer control mechanism that didn’t involve something knitted, I might find more tangible advantages. As for cold hands, I’ve found two effective, albeit temporary, solutions: run very warm water over my inner wrists — usually for less than 30 seconds (a solution a young woman shared with me more than 30 years ago), and knitted wrist warmers. I’ll send you a photo.

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  2. Hi, Barry, Here’s the photo of a knitted wrist warmer. Worn under a long sleeve, they ward off the chill and my fingers remain nimble. I suppose leather would be more chic than worsted, but pricier. Sue

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