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Unlikely Blooming

The Pink Rebel is a Xmas cactus that blooms when it damn well pleases.  Experts say a Xmas cactus left to its own devices is unlikely to bloom at all, let alone during the daffodil season.
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Unlikely | The Daily Post


The Pink Rebel is actually a Thanksgiving cactus (if U want to draw the distinction).  It earned its nickname by blooming when it damn well pleases, with no special treatment from me.  I keep the soil moist all year, with a little diluted fertilizer in the water.  The plant gets as much light as my window will give it, with no enforced darkness or coolness.  Experts say a Xmas or Thanksgiving cactus so treated is unlikely to bloom at all, let alone during the daffodil season.  But unlikely things do sometimes happen.  Don’t bet on when or where.


Unlikely Life | Word Porn Quote

10 thoughts on “Unlikely Blooming

    1. Confession: given that I had already seen your contribution, the likelihood is actually rather high.  The quote is a brilliant way to express a deep truth about statistics that many people find hard to grasp, and the illustration is both apt and beautiful.

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    1. Indeed, the combination of cobalt blue with bright yellow and strong pink is what motivated the photo.  It was about a day later that I saw the “Unlikely” prompt and realized I could respond with the photo and a note about how and when things bloom.


    1. I have admired CA poppies but never planted them.  Maybe U could get hold of something like the umbrella reflectors used in studio photography to boost the sunlight on them a little.


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