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Unlikely Blooming

The Pink Rebel is a Xmas cactus that blooms when it damn well pleases.  Experts say a Xmas cactus left to its own devices is unlikely to bloom at all, let alone during the daffodil season.
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Unlikely | The Daily Post


The Pink Rebel is actually a Thanksgiving cactus (if U want to draw the distinction).  It earned its nickname by blooming when it damn well pleases, with no special treatment from me.  I keep the soil moist all year, with a little diluted fertilizer in the water.  The plant gets as much light as my window will give it, with no enforced darkness or coolness.  Experts say a Xmas or Thanksgiving cactus so treated is unlikely to bloom at all, let alone during the daffodil season.  But unlikely things do sometimes happen.  Don’t bet on when or where.


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Lines Plan Their Day

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«Let’s twist and ripple across the computer screen in an exuberant pseudorandom dance that won’t repeat for centuries.»


«Maybe tomorrow.  Still sore from yesterday.
I pulled red line duty and people stepped on me as they crossed.»


«Hmmm.  Let’s just mark a few straight edges
of flat surfaces in the real world
until U feel better.»
«I’m up for that if we keep the angles simple.»


Images #1 and #2 in my response to

Lines | The Daily Post

were selected and cropped from bursts of photos while running the Mystify screen saver.  Image #3 is a photo of an architectural detail, edited to compensate for my inability to compose precisely w/o a viewfinder.  (Glad I eventually replaced the old camera by one with both a screen and a viewfinder.)  Here is a haiku about the kind of silliness exemplified by the dialog in my response:

What the World Needs
|More silliness from
|those who know they are silly;
|less from the others.