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Rainbow Revisited

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Carpe Diem #1410 Rainbow (short-haibun)

In response to an earlier CDHK rainbow prompt, I wrote a haiku and later found a splendid photo to illustrate it (and inspire some haibun prose).  Can I use the same photo here w/o repeating myself?  Yes.  The photo is a gift that keeps on giving; it has inspired a new haiku.

Out of Reach
|Hard fingers rise up,
|trying to grasp soft colors
|as the rainbow fades.


The image used here has been resized from a photo by Randy Olson with a termite mound in the foreground.
Prints can be bought.

Including the post title and credits, the response above has 98 words.



4 thoughts on “Rainbow Revisited

    1. Yes, the combination makes it a great photo, by far the best of a rainbow that I have seen.

      The rock fingers in the foreground are actually columns of a termite mound.  (Had some fun with that fact in my earlier post using the photo.)  Have just now revised the photo credit here to mention the mound.


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