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True Blue

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Aqua and Azure ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #134

« Extra style points for those who weave both in. 😉 »


Aqua and azure in cobalt on powder
Which one is true blue?
Don’t ask! 😉

9 thoughts on “True Blue

    1. Nope.  The pottery in the image was mass produced; I also have a few handmade things.  My only contribution was to find a way to aim the bounce flash and set the white balance that would show all the colors and avoid excessive glare.

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      1. Your contribution sounds complicated enough. I have just bought my first DSLR after years of using point-and-shoot digital cameras. It’s a steep learning curve Aim bounce flashes is beyond my current skill set though it sounds like a great technique to master.

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        1. Yes, the learning curve is steep, even for those who were comfortable with analog SLR-s in the old days.  My camera’s manual is an object lesson in how not to write, but I revel in the fact that there is essentially no cost for each shot (and hardly any delay between trying something and seeing how it went wrong).  So I photograph things that stay put and learn by doing.


          1. Yes I had an SLR but the digital variety is different. I am still mastering aperture. Good fun though and a reason to get out and about.

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  1. So visually pleasing- the photo I mean – and witty words. In the UK, ‘true blue’ means one of the major political parties – the Conservatives. So the bluer you are the more Conservative/ right wing you are !

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