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Weather’s Works

Weather comes and goes.  Effects linger on several time scales.
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Weather ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #122


In and On the Window
|Sculpted by weather,
|both old rock and young rain splats
|glow in sun today.

6 thoughts on “Weather’s Works

    1. So glad U like it.

      Also glad to have a digital camera.  I took 10 or 12 shots at various settings, saw the results immediately, and kept the shot with the best glow on both the rock and the rain splats.  Compared to the old days’ costs and delays, it’s a mundane miracle.

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      1. <smile> Yep, all of that is why I’ll never go back to film… well, that, and wait until you start playing with even the simplest photo editing tools. Which is why I don’t miss the darkroom at all either. 😉

        Welcome to digital! =)

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