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Looking Up or Down

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Clouds ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #146

How something looks may depend on how it is viewed.
Consider storm clouds.


Storm Clouds #1
|Looking up, I see
|trees wary of churning clouds.
|Wish I could look down.

~ ~ ~ ~


Storm Clouds #2
|Looking down, I’d see
|clouds caress dear Mother Earth.
|Rain for thirsty trees.

Image Sources

  • While doing a little yardwork before predicted rain, I glanced upward and noticed how trees framed a bright cloud in a darkening sky.  I ran for my camera and took a few photos.  For this post, I tweaked the image to mimic the ominous look I had often seen but not photographed.
  • The Blue Marble image was downloaded from NASA Visible Earth: The Blue Marble.  Making NASA’s image cost a lot more than making mine.  That’s OK.  It was money well spent.
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Weather’s Works

Weather comes and goes.  Effects linger on several time scales.
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Weather ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #122


In and On the Window
|Sculpted by weather,
|both old rock and young rain splats
|glow in sun today.