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Thirty-six Hudson Valley Pix in 2017

These photos illustrate why fall is the best season of the year in the Hudson Valley.  U can vote for your favorite(s) in Central Hudson’s annual Fall Foliage Photo Contest.
(BTW, the [Menu] button atop the vertical black bar reveals the widgets.)

I have gotten my electricity from Central Hudson for many years.  This year, I also got some deeply discounted LED bulbs and a tiny chance to win a contest.

There are 36 finalists in Central Hudson’s Fall Foliage Photo Contest for 2017 (out of 180 entries).  My entry is among the finalists, but winning is unlikely.  That’s OK.  A flyer for the contest was enclosed with my electric bill; it was a good day for a short local walk; I wanted to learn by doing with a new camera; I got lucky.

To see some good illustrations of why fall is the best season of the year in the Hudson Valley, U can visit the album page on Facebook with cropped thumbnails of the finalists.  Click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

The contest is judged by counting Facebook [Like]-s.  U can [Like] as many photos as U wish.  Voting ends at noon on Tuesday, 2017-11-21.  To have your vote(s) count, U must also visit Central Hudson’s main page on Facebook and click [Like] there.  Central Hudson is indeed likable as an enterprise.  They deliver the juice well, encourage conservation, and facilitate buying juice generated from renewable sources if the customer is willing and able to pay accordingly.

My own photo got some postprocessing on the computer to make the image more like the experience, but I refrained from goosing the image beyond the experience (and from [Like]-ing my own photo):


I liked many of the photos and decided to [Like] 2 photos that had unusual compositions and bright (but believable!) colors:

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