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Old Gold

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Tattered old gold still glows.


But is it really silver?


Or some nameless pearlish color?

Shifting light; flaky white balance; …

Ultimate reality is elusive (or maybe illusory).


All photos in my response to

Gold ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #111

were taken by daylight on sunny late winter mornings in 2017, using the same dried silver dollar plant in the same corner of the same room.  The old camera’s unpredictable white balance sometimes lucked into interesting images.  It also inspired a riff connecting an old Beatles song to a recycling incentive, but the old camera was replaced after showing more signs of senility.

Another response to the same challenge shows that silver dollar plants sometimes do look golden in natural light!

8 thoughts on “Old Gold

  1. <smile> Ah, yes… the idiosyncrasies of photographic equipment. The HDR setting on my old Samsung S5 lightly posterizes frames shot in low light. The quality is … interesting … and often quite beautiful. Some of my favourite images benefited from the ‘shortcoming’. 🙂

    The gold and the silver are my favourite here. Lovely qualities of light.

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  2. Reality is an illusion according to Einstein. On the other hand, reality is perhaps a way of looking at things or understanding life with new eyes. Your photographs are great.


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