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A Life Is Like A Day

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It is late afternoon, so I will get while the getting is good.

Do It Now
|Low sun; long shadows.
|Take photos before sunset:
|twilight summons night.


Spider Rock — ©2012 John Wanserski for Creative Juice LLC

While there are many fine photos of Spider Rock and its shadow, this splendid one by John Wanserski has colors and composition that are distinctive and especially appropriate for my haiku.  Click here to buy a print.

7 thoughts on “A Life Is Like A Day

    1. Thanks.  So glad U like the haiku and choice of image.

      My first thought was to photograph a particular local scene that has long shadows.  Doubting that the weather would cooperate before the episode closed, I looked for a Spider Rock image as a backup and then was so impressed by this one photo that I decided to use it, w/o waiting to see if I could get a good snapshot of my local scene.

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    1. Your haiku in this comment casts a long shadow also.  Here’s hoping U come up with an illustration and put it in a post.  It really is too good and too widely pertinent to languish in a comment.

      BTW, just in case U tire of artwork and want to use somebody’s photo, the same place I cited has good photos of Spider Rock catching the last glimmer of summer and after sunset.  But I’m guessing that your pals in the art supplies drawer would like to have a go at this theme.

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