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Warned by a Shadow

From some viewpoints, a shadow has a bright side. An example is my response to a CDHK challenge to use the word [shadow] in a haiku.

Carpe Diem Haiku Family — A New “Shadow” Challenge


Image cropped from © Ryanfaas |

Lost Lunch?
|Sunlight breaks thru clouds
|and sends hawk’s shadow downward.
|Prey darts for cover.

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12 thoughts on “Warned by a Shadow

  1. Exquisite use of light and shadow. Masterful haiku with darkness represented as the predator as well as the hiding place or saving grace for the prey. Fascinating you chose not to identify the prey. To me, the ambiguity played well with your shadowy theme. Superb, Mel!

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    1. So glad U like it. My initial thoughts for line 3 were things like
              Chipmunk dives for cover.
                      Squirrel runs for cover.
      Then it occurred to me that “Prey darts …” would make a 5-syllable line (w/o quibbling about how to pronounce “squirrel”) and cover both birds and diurnal rodents as prey. The nocturnal mice that have been invading my house recently are safe from hawks (but not from me).

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