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Amazing Photos Out There

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While I did not take the photos shown here, I did write the haiku.

Many amazing photos have been submitted to the Weather Channel’s It’s Amazing Out There / 2016 Photo Contest.  The contest has both expert judging and voting for the “fan favorite” by anybody with a Facebook account.  U can vote daily until 2016-08-26 and distribute those votes however U like.  Having viewed only a few of the submissions, am I competent to recommend votes to other people?  Not really, but Donald Trump has set the competence bar low enough to be cleared by a garden slug.  Being a little more competent (and a lot more honest) than Trump, I will share my enthusiasms anyway, with cropped/resized versions of 2 submissions.

While I have been voting enthusiastically for Coming Storm by CJDraper (aka Dancing Echoes on WordPress), I also want to salute the fan favorite as of the last time I looked:  Ozzie (a bald eagle) by Davedc.  The latter already has plenty of well-deserved votes, so I wrote a haiku inspired by it.

|When we saw himself,
|Narcissus forgot to drink.
|Eagle had more sense.


10 thoughts on “Amazing Photos Out There

  1. That’s a great allusion to make with that photograph. Narcissism is a terrible thing. Incidentally, I believe Donald Trump spotted his reflection when shaving one day and had to dragged from the sink by his household staff.

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  2. (wondering to myself if Mellow has any other posts with the tag “garden slug”)

    I am partial to “Coming Storm”. It’s one of the most striking photo’s I’ve ever seen.

    But I do like the clever haiku and the subtle allusion to the candidate. And yes, hopefully The Eagle will have sense and not promote him.

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    1. It is only very recently that I noticed something nice about tags (and categories). Clicking on a tag or category in a post will bring up a page with all the posts having that tag or category. So far, “garden slug” is unique to this post.

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