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Wine Making, then Buddhism

Fleeting moments in nature are good haiku subjects.  But there are others.  Among them are wine making and Buddhism.  A haiku can be a zingy summary of a discussion or attitude.
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The haiku by Dancing Echoes that is effectively reblogged below is one that I admire because it deals so well with big concerns.  While I do appreciate haiku about particular fleeting moments in nature, I also like to try summarizing a general discussion or attitude very briefly, with a haiku.

Vintage | Dancing Echoes

Blue in Green

Both art and science
Plus a little bit of luck
Makes a good vintage

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I will complete my response to Carpe Diem Utabukuro #12 with my own new haiku shortly, but first I want to admit that a zingy summary may be a serious oversimplification if taken too literally.  With an understanding about wiggle room, a forthright oversimplification is sometimes better than an attempt to dot every i and cross every t.

My haiku is not quite so extremely oversimplified as it may seem.  I am considering Buddhism only as the attitude toward life that I take to underlie the organized religion.  Peel away the legends and rituals.  Peel away the historical adaptations to local circumstances.  What do I find after much peeling?  I find green tea, the sound of one hand clapping, and a haiku.

Buddhism in 6 Words
|Shit happens.
|Keep calm;
|be compassionate.

19 thoughts on “Wine Making, then Buddhism

    1. Thank U for the great combination of photo and haiku. Sure, I could have found a public-domain photo of something like the Buddha statue at Kamakura to illustrate my own haiku, but piggybacking on your photo was more fun and more likely to attact [whazzat-about-?] interest.

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