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Megawatt Smile

U can understand this post w/o actually seeing the short skit that inspired it.  After a note on the subtlety of what is or is not offensive, we end with a parody of a familiar song.
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Megawatt SmileThe image at right is a severely cropped screenshot from a video of a short skit involving thongs and silly raunchiness (or raunchy silliness).  The skit is no longer online, but U can understand this post (and maybe get a laugh at the end) w/o actually seeing the skit.

Tho not offended by the skit itself, I was briefly offended by some accompanying verbiage:

would you let your girl make money on the internet??? fellas answer now

At first, I read the word let in the sense of permit and bristled at the notion that permission is theirs to give or withhold.  Then I realized that let could have been meant in the same mild sense as

Live and let live.

and decided to give whoever wrote the verbiage the benefit of the doubt.

In addition to providing a glimpse of a megawatt smile (with longer looks at other features) and a little comic relief from the US politics train wreck, the skit inspired me to write a parody of a familiar seasonal song.  U can see the parody by scrolling down.  Fair warning: leave now if U dare not risk thinking of the sexually exuberant parody whenever U hear the song in December.

Keep scrolling …
Almost there …
Now … yes … ooooh …

Jiggle buns; jiggle buns; jiggle all the way.
Oh, what fun it is to ride on a girl who likes to lay.

Pushing thru her slit,
on a girl who likes to lay.
Pressing on her clit;
thrusting all the way.
Bed sheet getting wet
as she hugs me tight.
What fun it is to kiss and pet
and lay again tonight.

10 thoughts on “Megawatt Smile

  1. Your literary skills cover quite the range. Although quite racy, I’ll bet you won’t find a comment chastising this post. After all, you gave ample notification and made the reader work hard to find your creation. I’ll bet you had fun with it. Creativity is good for health. I would be a hypocrite to condemn this parody that places smiles on many faces. Good for you!

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    1. I never paid much attention to the original out of season, but I have been singing the new improved lyrics to myself lately. Silently in my head is definitely the only way that somebody with my voice should sing anything.

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  2. “with longer looks at other features” Ha! And yes thanks for the respite from politics! Jingle Bells was/is actually one of the most dreary, oversung, stale, and simple little Christmas Carols. But I appreciate you pumping new life into it and making it harder to ignore as this year my excitement will grow with anticipation when the season cums around.

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  3. Well now, after reading two excellently written and engaging posts, one on market transparency and the other on oversimplification, you caught me with a surprise left with this one. Extremely funny. 🙂

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