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Mundane Miracle – Pond

A consolation for the decreased mobility that comes with age is an increased appreciation of mundane miracles close to home. One example is considered here; I hope to post a few more in coming months.
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Long ago, I drove/flew/drove to a motel in the town on the western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  Soon afterwards, I hiked into the park, admired an alpine lake, ate a trail lunch, and hiked out in a thunderstorm that mocked my “waterproof” boots.  Nothing epic, but well beyond me now.  That’s OK.  I did it once (which was more than enough for the thunderstorm part).

Some people consider it a miracle when the government does something right.  Over the years since that trip to Colorado, the EPA adopted (and enforced!) vehicle emissions standards.  I can walk the roads near my house w/o being assaulted by trucks and school buses belching black diesel crud.  Their exhaust is still smelly and unhealthy, but not bad enough to ruin a walk on a breezy day.  So I can often walk about 1.5 miles to the far end of an artificial pond beside the road.  An artificial pond ringed by hilly pasture land is not the same as a natural lake ringed by mountains, but water is water and blue sky is blue sky.



After a few rainy days, excess water in the pond rushes thru a culvert under the road and into the little brook that was dammed to create the pond.  I can admire the exuberant splashing on the rocks in the brook w/o dwelling on the artificiality of the scene.



Sound of Sunlight
|Rushing waters bring
|joy to those who hear them sing
|and see them sparkle.

Happy Heraclitus
|(added 2018-06-07)
|Life flows and splashes.
|No things are permanent and
|all things are precious.

3 thoughts on “Mundane Miracle – Pond

  1. Life’s simple pleasures add greater meaning to our lives as we age. Water is water, blue skies remain blue, yet somehow our ability to appreciate the beauty and complexity alters with age. I often hear people say that aging is difficult; compared to what?
    I enjoyed your haiku and its clever title.

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  2. Artificial ponds and lakes in pastureland may not always have the raw grandeur of natural lakes surrounded by mountains, but they can still be beautiful in their own quiet way. Certainly, the one you visited inspired a wonderful haiku.

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