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Rhyming Haiku: Couplet and Triplet

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I enjoy smuggling rhymes into blank verse but have not yet gotten all 3 lines of a haiku I really like to rhyme. My response to

Carpe Diem #932 silk tree

is a pair of all-new haiku. I do like the one with a couplet. The one with a triplet (plus an internal rhyme in the title at no extra charge) is submitted in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln’s corny jokes during the American Civil War: I laugh so that I will not cry.

Sound of Sunlight

Rushing waters bring
joy to those who hear them sing
and see them sparkle.

Silly Rhymes for Scary Times

A rhyme in blank verse?
President Trump would be worse.
Vote Dem or you’ll curse.


Image Source

A public domain image of the American flag has been turned upside down to reflect the current state of US politics.


9 thoughts on “Rhyming Haiku: Couplet and Triplet

  1. The Sound of Sunlight has quite a melody to it. Silly Rhymes for Scary Times made me laugh, (in a good way) but the title itself would be great for a multi-generational book.

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