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Riff on a Quote from a Song

From a cloudless far horizon …


Photo © Patrick Jennings

to a gap in dense fall foliage …


to an old window covering …


« There is a crack in everything. »
« That’s how the light gets in. »
~ Anthem by Leonard Cohen ~

I quoted from the song the way I and some others remember it.  The phrase “a crack” is repeated in some transcriptions of the first quoted line, but the line scans better w/o the repetition.

Cracks ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #341

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Slow shutter needed.
Daffodil and tulip share
early morning light.
~ ~ ~ ~
There is enough for us all,
if we take less than we want.


I considered posting my photo wordlessly, with the post’s title as a hint that I have something beyond a nice image in mind.  Too subtle.  Compulsively explicit, I wrote a haiku.  Then I expanded the haiku to a tanka.

I hesitated.  The tanka’s last 2 lines might be too preachy.  Then I read the Gandhi quote in a great collection of images and quotes: Our Beautiful, Broken World (curated by Mitch Teemley).

Thanks, Mitch.  The time for subtlety is long gone.