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Vocal Visitor

Caw from unseen bird.
Crows are louder and shriller.
Could be a raven.


Overlay © John Cobb | Unsplash

While my own sightings are few and long ago, I believe ravens still inhabit the region where I live and am confident that I can distinguish the croaking caw of a raven from the canonical caw of a crow.  (Don’t hike much any more; still big on alliteration.)  I also have some of indigenous folklore’s admiration of ravens, so I celebrated hearing one with a haiku.  That posed a problem.

An ordinary image of a raven would not work for my haiku about an unseen bird thought to be a raven.  I considered posting the haiku by itself, but I like images.  Hmmm.  I can photograph the nondescript view toward where the call seemed to originate.  Can I then find and tweak an image of a raven to make a ghostly overlay that fits the mood of the haiku?  Yes!

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5 thoughts on “Vocal Visitor

  1. Good solution for the unseen raven.

    We have a raucous population of crows in my neighborhood. Sometimes they seem to be calling and responding to one another over great distances. Other times, they sound as though they’re experimenting with sounds they’ve heard from some source other than their fellow crows — like clicking and rumbling/growling/purring/humming kinds of sounds. Unexpected.

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    1. Thanks.  The crows around here are also vocal, with more than the classic caw in their repertory.  Could not be sure they never croak like a raven, so it took a while to get the haiku into a form acceptable to my STEM conscience that was not hopelessly clunky.


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