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Rondo con Chiaroscuro

With less dynamic range than my eye, my camera exaggerated the chiaroscuro in the images posted here.  But not too much.  With a nod to a common way to describe tempo in musical scores, I began drafting this post with the title [Chiaroscuro Ma Non Troppo].  Then I noticed a closer connection to music.  My sequence of images is a visual rondo.






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4 thoughts on “Rondo con Chiaroscuro

  1. My music theory background is thin, but the internet offers a marvelous research opportunity. Thanks for helping me expand my knowledge. Here, I am partial to the C-A of your 5 parts, but taken as a whole, I am moved by the mood flow.

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    1. Thanks.  I too would go with just the C-A if forced to go with just 2.  Then I would dither like Buridan’s donkey about which to put first.

      As U noted, there is a natural sequence using all 5 images.  It’s like the way music often builds to a flashy climax.


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