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Icy Moods

My fingers can still press camera buttons for a few minutes in moderately cold weather, if I wear thin gloves and either lean out a window or stand in a doorway.  Now and then, I can freeze a good visual moment in a winter day or night w/o freezing my fingers in the process.  It’s not just about getting images like these four.  It’s also about flipping the bird at the “winter of life” metaphor for old age.  Winter can be so beautiful.

Twigs and Shakes:


Twigs and Pine Needles:


Twigs and Trunks:


Gold in the Cold:


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8 thoughts on “Icy Moods

  1. The progression from the close up small and delicate to the mid-range to the large prodded expectations that were then upended by the power and majesty of the closest view of the golden icicles. Well done.

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    1. Thanks.  Had not noticed the progression from near to far in the first 3.  Just wanted to start with what could best tolerate being thumbnailed by WP and end with the icicles.  On a conscious level anyway, having #2 and #3 in that order was just luck.

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