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Xmas 2021 (“Yes, but …”)

~ Most of December is in the “Yes, but …” season.  Cautiously optimistic, I will post two of my handful of examples now and hold those that remain for later. ~ 

Example 1

Does syrupy schlock like Gus, the Garden Slug Who Saved Xmas clog the TV channels?

Yes, but U can view Will Vinton’s masterpiece from 1987 by clicking on this image:

Claymation Xmas

Example 2

Are the places to shop or eat awash in sappy songs like the one about guidance from a luminescent nose or the one about a sleigh pulled by one horse with bells on more than one tail?

Yes, but old songs like O come, all ye faithful still soar, joyful and triumphant.  Here is one of this song’s few performances w/o a long and leaden fanfare before the singing starts:

Merry Xmas!

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