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Ornithocardiac Irony

I want an illustration for a short story that features a heart attack.  The image should be like an abstract expressionist painting of the idea of a heart attack, not a stock image.  While I don’t paint, I do take (and often edit) photos.  Can I edit one of my photos for my story?  Yes.  It’s a birdbath photo, of course.



Irony ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #289

The verbal irony of ending this post’s excerpt with

It’s a birdbath photo, of course.

would be lame without the factual irony that the photo is indeed a photo of a birdbath.  Don’t worry.  We have a twofer.

My birdbath’s glass bowl has a subtly colored swirl, not the usual garish clip art of idealized birds and flowers.  I bring it indoors for the winter and sometimes shoot closeups when the light is interesting.  This one photo has an ominous look and some dark red, so I edited it to fit the planned layout of my story: rotate, squeeze the width, and crop.  Here is a link to the resulting illustrated story:

Vow of Silence

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