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Show Case on Writer’s Co-op

A new page on Writer’s Co-op is a biweekly show case of short pieces submitted in response to prompts.  Submissions from anybody with a serious interest in writing are welcome.  I needed only 12 pages to print all seven pieces from Show Case #1 in a large font, and I am glad to have read them.

The Writer’s Co-op blog is a great place to find and join discussions of all aspects of writing.  The posts themselves often lead to a wide range of comments that are amicable, lively, and thoughtful.  Click here to see the new Show Case page curated by Sue Ranscht, which begins as follows:

This Show Case features seven pieces submitted in response to our first Writing Prompt: Atrophied.  We hope they stimulate your mind, spirit, and urge to write.  Maybe they will motivate you to submit a piece for our next prompt:  Behind the mask.  Those submissions are due by the end of Monday, October 18, 2021, and will be published here the following Friday.  Please attach yours as a .docx, .doc, or .pdf to an email to  (Guidelines: any genre, approximately 6 – 1,000 words.).


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