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Optimists, Some w/o Neurons

Being rooted makes plants easier to photograph than animals, but plants do twitch with the breeze and ruin careful compositions.  Cautiously optimistic, I shoot repeatedly and hope a few images catch the air’s calm moments.  This post’s haiku and images suggest that sometimes optimists win.

Leaves ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #277


Young Leaves
|Full of eager hope,
|they enter a benign world.
|No leaf eaters yet.

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6 thoughts on “Optimists, Some w/o Neurons

    1. Thanks.  Yup, a metaphor.  Googling [plant neurology] turns up some interesting observations of what plants really can do w/o neurons, plus some interesting squabbles about how to talk about such things.


  1. <smile> Benign… for the moment.

    And, yes, some very interesting squabbles about just how important neurons are to the notion of ‘sentience’, given just how wise, resourceful and community-minded plants are. Especially when dealing with less benign conditions. 🙂

    Quantum mechanics also has some interesting things to say about interactions between various states of matter/energy.

    The universe is a stranger place than the imaginations of you or I can contemplate. 🙂

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