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Freedom for Whom?

«Normally I let people interpret my poems as they will, but here I will be crystal clear on one point.»  So says Patrick Jennings in #236 of his Pic and a Word Challenge series, and I concur.  My poem in response to the challenge has a final couplet that could be misinterpreted, so I too will try to be crystal clear afterward.
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Freedom ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #236

Breonna Taylor and George Floyd did not enjoy freedoms that a white guy like me could easily take for granted.

|Freedom to be left alone,
|not be shot in my own home.
|Freedom from the nagging fear
|that a racist cop is near.
|Freedom to salute the flag,
|or to burn it like a rag?


The Pledge of Allegiance ends with an aspiration, not a fact.  Maybe some flag burnings are meant to protest America’s failure to provide liberty and justice for all, but they don’t look like that.  They look like flag burnings in Tehran, like hatred of the republic for which it stands.

Tho ardent about civil liberties, I can accept prosecution of flag burners for violating local ordinances against open burning and the air pollution it causes.  Don’t give jerks who alienate potential allies an excuse to fancy themselves as martyrs for freedom of speech.

Close the Camps_2019-07-02_200x304

There are respectful ways to protest with the flag.  Fly it upside down.  Display artwork that incorporates it, such as the moving “Close the Camps” stickers (designed by artist Pablo Stanley) that were distributed by in 2017.

Above all, remember that the worst defilers of the flag are the bigots and plutocrats who hide behind it, while denying others the freedoms it represents.

Remember in November.

7 thoughts on “Freedom for Whom?

    1. Thanks.  Glad U liked the post and especially that last paragraph.  The angry poem came quickly.  Then it took longer to work out how to assure the reader that I don’t advocate or even condone flag burning.  Building a nation that lives up to its ideals will take much longer; maybe the latest outrages will finally coalesce into a tipping point.  Here’s hoping.

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  1. Hey, Mellow…

    I really appreciate this very well-articulated post. Potent. And you’ve got me considering my own opinions on this. Would you mind if I shared some of those thoughts here? (They really aren’t far askance what you’ve said in your post.)

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  2. OOOO you old Cur. I’ve been away so long and really doubt i’ll ever come back…but browsing over my old memories; just before my “site” goes dark, i found you again.

    i wish i could be as articulate and i do understand what you’re saying. I MAY NOT do it myself BUT you have the right to say it. xxx ooo

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  3. Yes — this was good to read after my own recent meditations on the flag. Yes, there are good constructive ways we can protest and support — both. Good thoughts, thanks for writing — Jane

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