10 thoughts on “Voice of Experience

  1. A truly wise recommendation! If this picture was taken in a supermarket, one might think the photographer was a creative thinker. If this picture was taken in a house, one might think the photographer accidentally discovered a treatment for gingiva inflammation! 😀

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  2. I was alone when I read this and actually laughed out loud. Of course I knew the punchline in a general sense when I saw the pic. As with all humor, the delivery is what matters.

    Reminds me of a customer who had a condition for several months that required he apply eye drops every few hours throughout the night. Somehow (he thinks maybe one of his toddlers) a similar sized bottle of super glue was placed on the nightstand. He constantly praises the dedication to duty of the emergency room staff at our local hospital.

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    1. Good to hear from U again.

      The misadventure with the super glue is quite a story.  Having eyes glued shut is terrifying.  I still remember how it felt when I was a little kid, did some wet sneezing in my sleep, and woke up later with dried mucus gluing my eyes shut.  My mom swabbed it all away with warm water, while I was screaming “I can’t see!” (loud enough to make her ears bleed?) until the very end.

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