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Lost Innocence

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Not me.  I am wistful.  When color computer displays came in, I was jolted to see that a yellowish green (along with an orangish red) was now a “primary” color in RGB coordinates for colored pixels.  I also had to use CMYK coordinates for colored inks and pray to the graphics gods that printing software would translate from RGB to CMYK in a way that respected how something looked.  Eventually, I learned to put away childish things (like hard copy).

Before RGB
|Red, yellow, and blue
|were “primary” when kids
|smeared paint on paper.


2 thoughts on “Lost Innocence

    1. Yes, RGB means red-green-blue.  CMYK means cyan-magenta-yellow-black, where cyan is a blue-green color (sometimes called “turquoise”) and magenta is very purplish red.


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