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Xmas in Trumpistan

Tho 12-25 has come and gone, the traditional 12 days of Xmas run to 01-06.  So it is not too late to post an illustrated topical parody of a classic Xmas carol.  With more control than just clicking the [Reblog] button would provide, this post is what amounts to a reblog of a recent collaboration.
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I cannot draw my way out of a paper bag, but Poet Rummager can draw.  She is also a fine creative writer (with an impish and sometimes dark sense of humor) and a fun collaborator.

Originally posted on Slasher Monster:


Hark, the snake oil angels sing!

Russia’s tsar rides on our king.

Bullshit here and beefcake there –

bovine voters everywhere.

Joyful greedheads make stocks rise –

Rust Belt workers fall for lies.

Hark, the snake oil angels sing!

Russia’s tsar rides on our king.


Illustrations by Poet Rummager

Poem written by Mellow Curmudgeon

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7 thoughts on “Xmas in Trumpistan

  1. Yay! I just managed to comment within the twelve days of Christmas. I enjoyed the parody, although I’m a little worried because it’s basically all true.

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    1. Also worrisome: scores of cartoons (and parodies and satires and …) did not get thru to DT’s supporters. They also ignored every careful analysis of his economic voodoo while accepting fake news. At best, the next 4 years will be long and nasty.

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