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Thanks, Felix

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True story.  One day when I was failing and flailing some years ago, I turned on the radio and heard some unusual and then-unfamiliar music.  Tho it had the structure of a baroque oratorio, it was a hybrid of baroque and early romantic in style.  Tho sung in German, the vocal lines had the beauty and spiritual intensity of sacred music in Latin.  Mesmerized, I listened until the piece ended and made a note when the announcer said who composed it.  Yes, Mendelssohn.  No, it was not his more famous (and more operatic) oratorio Elijah.

Ad Honorem: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, 1809–1847
|My career implodes.
|Tears flow. Great music consoles:
|Mendelssohn’s Saint Paul.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Felix

  1. We studied Mendelssohn’s Symphony No 4 in college. I think that must be his most famous. I didn’t remember that he died at such a young age.

    I learned to appreciate “classical” music after that class. But my knowledge is still sorely lacking and like many things, more knowledge enhances the appreciation potential more.

    Sounds like there is a whole ‘nother story behind the circumstances leading up to turning on the radio.

    Thanks for the nice story, link, and haiku.

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