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An open letter to the Aetna CEO

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The post reblogged here is a welcome reminder that there are still some thoughtful and pragmatic people in the US. Tho seriously flawed in many ways, the ACA is an improvement over what came before. The flaws can be fixed if the pols will stop posturing for a while.


Dear Mark T. Bertolini, Chairman and CEO, Aetna,

As a former actuary, benefits consultant, benefits manager, and a business and personal client of Aetna, I recognize fully the complexity of healthcare delivery and insurance in the US. I understand the meaning of claims loss ratios and the need for Aetna to earn a profit for its shareholders.

With this context, I ask that you please reconsider pulling Aetna out of the Healthcare exchanges in North Carolina and other states. I became an Aetna customer again when Aetna purchased the business of Coventry and integrated the two companies into the Aetna network. On the whole, our service has been good and we appreciate your negotiated discounts with Carolinas Medical Center and its doctor network. Many insureds do not realize the value of these discounts that must be paid by uninsureds.

The Affordable Care Act is still in its early childhood, but…

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3 thoughts on “An open letter to the Aetna CEO

  1. I am a free marketer for the most part. I believe whenever possible the government should allow for the market to work to best allocate and distribute scarce resources. I think it works pretty good for things like cars, food, etc. But I’ll be damned if I’ve heard a reasonable plan as to how this can be accomplished with healthcare. I’m still open in principle, but maybe this falls into that “for the most part” category.

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    1. Yes, healthcare is tricky. Opaque pricing and inelastic demand hobble the market mechanisms that work well in the areas U mentioned, while just leaving everything to Uncle Sam would run the risk of replicating the VA mess on a larger scale.

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