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Tough Lessons

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Learning from history is tough, even for those who remember it.   Parallels are never exact.  The importance of each difference between then and now is a judgement call.   Consider a darkly hilarious cartoon by Jen Sorensen:

Mandatory Birthing Center

Yes, the resemblance of the armed guard to a Nazi storm trooper is as subtle as a sledge hammer.   Fine by me.   Maybe it will overcome the American propensity for historical amnesia and wishful thinking.

Much to my dismay, Hillary Clinton is the only Trump opponent who might conceivably be elected.   The progressive purists who disdain supporting Clinton are confident that something like what happened in Germany in 1932 and 1933 could not happen here and now, with a Trump victory.   Yes, our traditions of liberal democracy are stronger than those of the Weimar Republic.   The pertinent question is not whether our traditions are stronger but whether they are still strong enough, after years of relentless assault from the pseudoconservative coalition of bigots and plutocrats that controls staggering amounts of dark money and has already taken over the GOP.   Dammit, the answer is not obvious.

12 thoughts on “Tough Lessons

  1. As a Brit following the ‘Trump phenomenon’ from the UK, it’s hard not to feel like a shocked by-stander. Don’t claim to understand the US healthcare set up in any detail, but I’m saddened to read in my newspaper, in a league table of life expectancy, that the US falls below Western Europe, & is equivalent to countries such as Rumania.

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    1. In short: The ACA (Affordable Care Act, AKA “Obamacare”) is an absurdly complex kluge that still improved on what came before in healthcare. Rather than fix the ACA, Trump & friends want to go back to what came before. US politics is a concerted effort to make the old Monty Python skits look calm, sedate, and sensible. That effort is succeeding.


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