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Prophet for a Day

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Soon after the wild daylilies have finished blooming, another flower in my yard turns to prophecy.  The pale blue blossoms are long gone, but a few of the leaves on a few of the plants have another calling now.  For about a day, they prophesy the next season.

Prophet for a Day

Wild geranium
(just one leaf for just one day)
turns in high summer.

One thought on “Prophet for a Day

  1. That is cool. I did not know that. I wonder what is the biological reason they do this? I suppose the same as leaves in the fall? How odd. And just a few, and just for a day. Well, the prophets usually don’t stay around very long anyway. Nobody seems to like what they have to say. I had a crush in grade school on Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam. I think her drawing in our textbook showed some cleavage. But I was also drawn to her tragic “talent”. Drawn to this picture and also the haiku, love the finishing line “turns in high summer”. And I’m now watching out in neighborhood yards for wild geranium Cassandra’s.

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