haiku, humor


Some of my own humorous haiku are blue and/or dark; some are just silly.  Here are a few responses to


Mission Accomplished?

Ant with wings staggers,
then dies. Did I see him smirk?
Had he banged a queen?

Vampire Bunny

With coprophagy
as the alternative,
you might suck blood too.

Why Tall Men Walk Slowly in Gardens

A short-handled rake
waits (teeth up) to deliver
a clunk in the junk.

Silver Savior

The crowning glory
of our civilization
is, of course, duct tape.


5 thoughts on “Indigo

  1. Jeez Mellow, you got me crying with “The Present” and now I’m literally laughing out loud!

    “Why Tall Men Walk Slowly in Gardens” reminded me of a scene from Twin Peaks years ago. I had thought of it recently because a friend “binged” it on Netflix, even after I warned her not to. The instrument is not a rake, but, close enough…thanks also for, as always, improving my vocabulary. Now, if I can just figure out how to appropriately insert coprophagy into a conversation…

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