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Tho childhood fantasies about flying horses are long gone, I can see the upside.  I have 2 favorites to share before my own take on Pegasus.
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In response to Carpe Diem #825 Pegasus:

I have 2 favorites to share before my own take on Pegasus: Chèvrefeuille’s beautiful Hippocrene-inspired image and Haiku Plate Special’s charming reminder of the way I and so many others were introduced to Pegasus.

© Chèvrefeuille
|after the rainstorm
|horses galloping through puddles
|droplets of poetry

© Haiku Plate Special
|winged horse
|flying through my childhood
|Mobil Gas

Tho childhood fantasies are long gone, I can be good-humored about practical matters.|

|Ever been shat on
|by a bird? Be glad there are
|no flying horses.

Perhaps the image credit requested by the Rijksmuseum refers to a likeness of Persephone on the other side of a coin? Perhaps some copy-then-tweak editing did not go far enough? A magic spring with water that ensures complete editing would be a worthy companion to Hippocrene.

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