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Holding On

Poet Rummager has written a splendid tribute to fallen soldiers, with a simplicity and directness reminiscent of Hemingway’s 6-word short story.

Am I the only one who was initially bewildered, having read “while” literally at first? The leave-taking and the funeral need not have been simultaneous. Time passed slowly while there was still hope that the soldier could return home on the scheduled date, relatively unhurt and relatively unhaunted. Then, suddenly, it felt as if he had left moments ago.

Poet Rummager


His wife was crying

He held her hand while his son

Saluted his tomb

(Photo from Definitivamente)

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2 thoughts on “Holding On

  1. Thank you, dear Mellow, for your wonderful words. It’s already a huge compliment for you to take a splendid notice of my haiku, but to also be mentioned in the same sentence as Hemingway, is such an honorr. I’m left dizzy and touched. Fascinating take on my haiku, btw! Thank you very much. I’ll be smiling all day 💘

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