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Old Pond Revisited

We respond to a CDHK episode by revisiting Basho’s old pond to see if his famous frog honors the haiku/senryu distinction.  It does not.  With all due respect to the Haiku Society of America, neither do I.
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Before responding to the CDHK episode

Carpe Diem Universal Jane #14 Basho’s “Old Pond”

I want to display my favorite translations of Basho’s famous “Old Pond” haiku.

© Jane Reichhold
|an old pond
|a frog jumps into
|the sound of water
© Harry Behn
|An old silent pond…
|A frog jumps into the pond,
|splash! Silence again.

Basho’s haiku illustrates why I respectfully disagree with the Haiku Society of America’s definitions of the words [haiku] and [senryu].  So does my haiku in response to this episode.  Yes, “haiku” (not “senryu”) is what I said.

Old Pond Revisited
|Basho’s frog can jump
|over lines drawn in the mud.
|Haiku? Senryu?