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Australian Rainbow

Randy Olson’s superb photo of a rainbow is both a visual complement to the yearning expressed in the famous Judy Garland song and a great illustration for one of my haiku.  A rainbow is forever out of reach.  And yet …
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To illustrate my response to Carpe Diem # 1020 rainbow, I did a quick search that found more fine images of rainbows than I could view in a lifetime.  The image used here jumped out because it has a vertical format, does not need the rainbow to grab me, and hints at a futile yearning.  The termite mound in the foreground looks like a hand trying to grasp the rainbow.

Termites are much too busy building mounds and digesting cellulose to indulge in such yearnings.  Humans are busy too, and many of us have some awareness of the geometric reasons that a rainbow is forever out of reach.  We sometimes yearn anyway.


No Pots of Gold
|Seek ends of rainbows.
|You will not find them? Okay.
|The quest is enough.

The image used here is a photo by Randy Olson that was available at the time of posting as computer desktop wallpaper from National Geographic.

Prints can still be bought.