What Waves Wash Ashore

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I finished this haiku trilogy after

Contemplation ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #160

closed.  That’s OK.  Can’t rush barbecue.


© Patrick Jennings

Waves #1
|Waves wash things ashore:
|bouyant trash from far away,
|driftwood, and sea weed.

Waves #2
|Synchronize your breath
|with the ebb and flow of waves.
|Feel the ocean’s pulse.

Waves #3
|Contemplate them all:
|driftwood, sea weed, even trash.
|Insights ride the waves.


haiku, photography, tanka

Forward, toward Light

Should we honor ancient masters by following in their footsteps?  No.   We should honor them by pressing forward and building on their work.
(BTW, the [Menu] button atop the vertical black bar reveals the widgets.)

© Adjei Agyei-Baah

ancient road…

the trails of the masters

absorbed in fallen leaves

© Mellow Curmudgeon

Footprints fade but insights shine,

lighting the path forward now.


In some ways, a century ago is already ancient.  Photography’s pioneers worked with nasty chemicals in darkened rooms to produce grayscale prints.  Modern photographers can (and should!) honor them by pressing forward and building on their work in our digital world of colored pixels, using grayscale (or partial desaturation) only as appropriate for specific images.