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Swamp Colors

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Great blue herons are really bluish gray but are sometimes seen in colorful surroundings. As the “great” blue is the only “blue” heron anyway, I consider the word “great” to be superfluous. Blue herons where I live usually fly away before people can get at all close.

One day in June of 2010, however, was magical. The weather was warm and dry rather than the usual hot and humid. I was able to walk on a road beside a swamp w/o feeding every mosquito in the county. A blue heron foraging in a sea of water lilies was so intent on feeding itself that it ignored me. The view thru binoculars was almost as good as in a nature film, and there is something special about actually being there.

The resulting haiku is my response to Carpe Diem #922 sight (colors).

Swamp Colors
|Ignoring pink and
|yellow lilies, blue heron
|stabs and swallows fish.