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Shells on a Sandy Beach

A crab lived and died. Empty claws and carapace sing an elegy. Photo © Patrick Jennings | Carapace and Claw Click on the link in the photo credit to read the photographer’s own poem inspired by the fine image. – Gray button (upper left corner) reveals widgets, – – above post (on phone) or beside […]

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Rondo con Chiaroscuro

With less dynamic range than my eye, my camera exaggerated the chiaroscuro in the images posted here.  But not too much.  With a nod to a common way to describe tempo in musical scores, I began drafting this post with the title [Chiaroscuro Ma Non Troppo].  Then I noticed a closer connection to music.  My sequence of images is a visual rondo.

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Flags, Moles, & Meanings

While pondering “the meaning of food” is rare, pondering “the meaning of life” is common.  Deservedly?  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.  ~ ~ ~ ~  Your life and mine are not arbitrary symbols used by a third party to communicate with a fourth party.  Don’t let sweating “the meaning of life” interfere with living.

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Never Give Up — Continued

Consciously, I had nothing to add when I posted a photo recently.  But the pot always simmers.  I brooded on the word “victory” in a comment by Sue Ranscht.  I recalled the epic journey across northern Norway in World War 2 by Jan Baalsrud, the sole survivor of a commando force betrayed by a Nazi collaborator.  I seized another day of magical light and found there was more to show and to say.

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Icy Moods

My old hands can still press camera buttons for a few minutes in moderately cold weather, if I wear thin gloves and either lean out a window or stand in a doorway.  Now and then, I can freeze a good visual moment in a winter day or night w/o freezing my fingers in the process.  It’s not just about getting images like these four.   It’s also about flipping the bird at the “winter of life” metaphor for old age.  Winter can be so beautiful.

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Alpine Rainbow

Smooth arc floats above landscape clad in greens and gray. Jagged peaks endure. Photo © biletskiy | 123RF Stock Photo – Gray button (upper left corner) reveals widgets, – – above post (on phone) or beside it (on desktop). –