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Geometry of Hope

The CDHK challenge [Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1856: Restarting?] laments the nasty strife of the past 2+ years but finds a glimmer of hope in a haiga where the image is a superb sunrise photo.  My response is another haiga, with 2 haiku and another visual metaphor.

haiga, haiku, photography


Children need to learn that paths are slick and rocky, but some lead to light. Image © Patrick Jennings Rocky ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #292 – Gray button (upper left corner) reveals widgets, – – above post (on phone) or beside it (on desktop). –

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When He Pulls Strings

Dancer’s wooden mask: leather hinges swing open. Drum throbs; shaman chants. ~ ~ ~ ~ Hinges swing shut as dance ends: hidden face; revealed spirit. Photo © Trustees of the British Museum ~ ~ ~ ~ Khan Academy | Transformation Masks – Gray button (upper left corner) reveals widgets, – – above post (on phone) […]

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Ornithocardiac Irony

I want an illustration for a short story that features a heart attack.  The image should be like an abstract expressionist painting of the idea of a heart attack, not a stock image.  While I don’t paint, I do take (and often edit) photos.  Can I edit one of my photos for my story?  Yes.  It’s a birdbath photo, of course.